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Welcome To HelioSoul

Welcome to HeliOSoul Source

Speaking through the Sacred Gnosis where All is One as a Divine and where the miraculous is reflected in the light of the spirit, magic of consciousness, warmth of our hearts, mystical depth of soul, intelligence of energy, wisdom of physical body and mind transcendent beyond physical boundaries.

HeliOSoul Source and E RA SunChild, the steward of HeliOSoul on Earthly plane, welcomes you to the place in Ethernet where HeliOSoul Source is guiding us towards spiritual transformation in our own human body.

Towards our hearts emotional and souls, and towards the unification of spiritual worldly matter, where Christ, Shiva and Buddha are existing as Great One and Mother Marry is in the company of the Devi in the union of Divine Sisterhood and Motherhood.

HeliOSoul offers another space where the Universal archetypes of Father God and Mother Goddess are serving you as their own Child and a Human Being in your own Birth Right, both in perfect divine union of harmony, healing love and perpetual creation of new life for the glory and purpose of life and creation itself. In-Joy!

Namaskar and Amen!

Welcome To School

HeliOSoul™ Source, the source of awareness in the form of LEI-Light, Energy and Information is anchored in linear dimension and presented as a school of spiritual gnostic nature.

Welcome to our website to find out what unfolds on the journey towards the spiritual attainment and transformation for the well-being of our members and guests;

Sharing our insights and transmissions through our Blog;

Book a session for personal spiritual coaching with one of our dually Licensed HeliOSoul™ Facilitator and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach; Book a spot in upcoming group for spiritual coaching. Our photo/art Gallery carries the energy of spiritual images created by our own members;

You may find useful links for your spiritual reference and recommended reading list.

Sun Beam

Welcome To Temple

E RA & HeliOSoul Source, the Universal Mother of Souls, expresses warm welcome & acknowledgement to all who come here with trust, opened heart towards the Divine Light & the thirst of the persistent spiritual seeker.

As Gnostics, we embrace all spirituality. It is a great spiritual experience & lesson becoming “inclusive" & allow new energies of what seems as “foreign” culture & spiritual knowledge to pass through our souls & bodies.

The model of Gnostic temple that serves the spiritual transformation for overall wellbeing & healing through the unification of certain spiritual universal principles reflects the purpose of the evolution of humanity into the state of divine presence.

We guide the adepts through spiritual transformations independently from what the spiritual, cultural, ethnic, religious, educational background is.

As a Gnostic Ministry we embrace all who are striving for betterment of own Self through the communion with own Soul, the Soul of God Creator, Divine Nature of Life & own natural divine intelligence of the Human Being.

Everyone who are ordained into HelioSoul Ministry will be in the reference of Sacred Gnosis after the Order of Melchizedek and consecrated to the succession within the lineage that E RA SunChild holds as consecrated Bishop herself after the Archbishop of Sacred Gnosis.