Spiritual Steward E RA SunChild


The Science of Soul and Self

“About my spiritual Self” by E RA SunChild

E RA Sun Child

E RA SunChild is my first spiritual name given to me by my Guides as I embarked on a conscious journey of spiritual growth and realization. As a spiritual human being, in full potential and in service to humanity by sharing my spiritual awareness and energy.

As long as I remember, I was gravitating to spirituality in all forms of this World of the Divine Creator. As I move on through life’s journey, my natural inclination towards spiritual ways in my everyday life and affection to the beauty, purity and healing power of newly discovered truths of ever omnipresent spiritual knowledge, has shaped me up as who I am today. I clearly was and am guided by the Divine itself in every step of my journey. Where did I start? I clearly remember the first energy and spiritual content that I tapped in “accidentally” was the work of HPB-Helen Petrovna Blavatsky in my own native language. I was 16 when I first read the work of HPB. It made sense to me on somehow. I did not question its origin and did not try to decipher. I just took it all in. It does not surprise me anymore that the first “seed” came from someone who professed that derived all own awareness form the fountainhead from Tibet.

The beginning of my spiritual journey happened spontaneously, but I recall that all instances and run-ins into spiritual experiences were consistent. It drew me in naturally, in a steady connection with my spiritual self. I already had been meditating or “day-dreaming”. I learned much later this is called an “auto-meditation”.

I started writing poetry at the age of 15. I translated my first classic poem of Walt Whitman into my native language at age of 16. I read and recited Shakespeare since age of 13 as I loved it so much. I played in all Shakespearean performances produced by our school’s theater.

The spirituality has opened up and began restoring itself within as an intrinsic part of my Self.

Realization that spirituality is not a “weekend spiritual entertainment” just for fun, one-time class to feel “more educated” or retreat for leisure, only came later. I found out how deep and profound spiritual transformational is and how effective the replacement of outdated energies and information may be in our own bodies. Transformational work is every day self-discipline, self-testing and raising one’s own vibrations in harmony with the surrounding world and at the same time keeping integrity with all and everyone around. Such work is tedious and not everyone is up to such.

Spirituality is a highly concentrated innately daily work, and it is not at all always sweet, bright and at all complacently a comfortable place of peace. I found out that true transformation may be and most of the time a very dynamic process with shifts that might be very tangible in different ways in every level of our system and on every plane of our human life. Transformation and true clearing into the new state of being might be somewhat a turmoil of energies. With the good intent and Divine presence within though, one’s system always harmonies and synchronies the Self within the Universal Field of Life. Spirituality takes perseverance, stamina and ability to honestly look the truth in the “eye”.

Conscious spiritual work requires a lot awareness into the deeper layers of Soul-and-Self, without compromise, with open mind, intuition, clear connection with the Divine and purity of one’s own heart. True spiritual work shapes up the human soul perpetually. Such daily spiritual work raises our humanity collective into the divine collective conscious state through the lessons of love lodged in our hearts and souls.

Such is the journey of everyone who is on the determined spiritual path or who accept at least a drop of spirituality sometime in attempt to raise our human innate intelligence, energy level, awaken own soul and consciousness for the betterment of Self. I am with all of you on that and not different from anyone else. I am just another human being who is here in this world doing the work I have been handed down by Grace and I am honored to do so.

As time went by, many shifts and transformations small and big happened within myself and in my life. My journey took me from the place where I was born into entirely different country with different language, culture and graced me with new family. I am a happy mom of two and am married to a wonderful man with whom I am in a very loving earthly union.

My educational background as an undergraduate from the University of Higher Education in Economics included such my favorite subjects as physics, mathematics, geometry, biology, chemistry, philosophy and of course English as a second language.

After University I gravitated so much to working with language and children that I started a career as an ESL teacher in primary, middle and high school. I loved being a teacher, assisting with assimilation of knowledge.

In my new country, which is my home for the rest of my life, there is a mere presence of the natural Divine as energy and information within every particle of nature, memories and consciousness of people. There is no disconnection from the divine in the terrain and in the authentic souls where I am now, no matter how it seems on the surface sometime. Deep down inside almost everyone is majorly connected to the Divine and God, knowingly or unknowingly to them, since they have never been deprived forcefully of such connection historically or persecuted for being spiritual seekers or religious, if they wish to. Both, conscious and unconscious collective in this domain carries the live Godly energies in all physical matter, in particles of light, in waves of energy and all spiritual divine information is available on request. One just need to ask and be opened to receive these godly energies.

And there I am, cracked opened and receiving from the Source all that is meant for me. And so I transmit further into the world and those who are called to receive the wave of LEI (Light, Energy and Information) for the growth of own and collective awareness of the spiritual nature of humankind, the purposefulness of life beyond the limitations of physical body and of our Oneness within the Universal God Creator as Unified Field of Life and Cosmic Intelligence.

Due to the course of amazing spiritually powered events on my journey and unimaginable synchronicities arranged by the Grace, I arrived to the place anchored in 3D exactly what is meant for me at this time.

Again, by the will and grace of the Divine my attention was directed towards non-secular education and work. It happened as a natural unfoldment of my own soul and consciousness as a flower would blossom on a fertile soil nurtured with living waters and light of truth available as a universal healing and restorative power.

The chain of unexpected spiritual encounters, deep revelations, instances of awakening of my own Soul and incessant claiming of my own spiritual power to the Right of Being as I AM. Which I believe led to acknowledgement of my work within myself at that point. When we affirm and acknowledge our own self-achieved accumulated knowledge, experience and presence, the universe smiles and responds adequately acknowledging the same. Universe showed to me where my journey leads and what the role I am to take upon is. Universe, though, never cease to amaze me by continuing bring new lessons and guidance into the deeper and deeper layers of spirituality.

I met amazing people with most beautiful souls and hearts on my journey. Some of such amazing souls were sent to me by Grace, I am deeply convinced. It is due to our soul contracts in this life-time we all have met again and I have been presented with the opportunity of life-time of finally becoming in 3D exactly who I am in Spirit. It is in some sense a part of self-realization, although not complete yet. The complete is yet to achieve. I believe that our journey to “completeness” is infinite, as far as the Soul is concerned.

In due time and due to the chain of spiritual encounters and events I became an Ordained Bishop of the Sacred Gnosis after the Order of Melchizedek being consecrated to the Sacred Apostolic Succession within the Universal Gnostic Fellowship.

I became the Founder and Steward of the HeliOSoul Temple of Sacred Soul. I am honored to be called to have found and guide HeliOSoul Ministry of Universal Gnostic nature.

We live in difficult for humanity, but nevertheless, amazing time. So many great souls are re-incarnating now on Earth to assist the renewal of humanity’s conscious make-up and for the resurrection of spiritual life. So many big spiritual dreamers in our days are coming back and actualize their dreams in the light of new programs. Some of them build new pyramids and ashrams, working through amazing new art, music or just delivering motivational speaking.

My dream has always been a School. “It shall be a spiritual school of training into the innate and natural spirit and body of the human system’s abilities for true spiritual transformation. It shall be a school of spiritual education for all seekers and for spiritual professionals, as well as for universal knowledge of non-denominational, non-dogmatic, non-sectarian nature.”

My long-time dream came true. I have founded the Spiritual Universal Gnostic School and named it HeliOSoul. Where did name come from? Again, it came from within and from “above” at the same time, and that is what I call “guidance”.

As a spiritual guide and a seeker myself, I am a proponent of the energies of Divine Feminine represented by all spiritual domains for the balance of Universal Spirituality and within the Union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. I am paying homage to Mother Mary, Devi, and Goddess Mother Gaya.

I am an adept of the Universal energies of the Christ; Mysticism of Hierophants of Immortal Egypt; yoga teachings of AdiYogi–The First Yogi on the planet and the Intelligence of Civilization of the World Ocean and our Conscious Brothers whales and dolphins.

I serve by transmitting spirituality that is current for the world of today not as a ”belief system, dogma or religion”, but rather in the form of free flow of spiritual energies, Meditational Technology, breathing techniques, energy and awareness transfers, discourses, gospels and transmissions.

I facilitate spirituality in the simple and most natural way for human being based on existential principles, principles of self-intelligence of human body and system, ultimate innate awareness, guided meditations, activations, the awakening of all souls for the deeper self-awareness.

Thus, I am your spiritual guide, counselor and Spiritual Coach and transmitter of contemporary spirituality and technology for spiritual transformation.

I am your intuitive empath, counselor in the times of grief, loss and a trans-dimensional medium with unusual approach to mediumship. What does trans-dimensional mean? It means that the mediumship may be applied to your lifetimes and existence in another dimensions.

I have my own access to Akashic Records-Universal Library of Life Creation. I have been recognized as “ARK”- Akashi Records Keeper. It is an honorable work of being a “librarian” of the Infinite Universal Library, where every bit of a record is a live energy.

As a Bishop, during personal spiritual counseling I minister the Blessings for Newborn and Confirmation of the Name; Blessings for Marriage in Divine Union with assistance of establishing the most favorable date for marriage ceremony; Prayers and Assistance in Passage; “Spiritual Re-Birth for the Release of Karmic Energies and Renewal of Soul Contracts”; help in receiving messages from loved ones from “beyond the veil” and dispense spiritual services guided by the Light and wisdom of Divine Creative Feminine Mother of All Souls.