Ascension: the energies are rising

One of the ways of employing energies expressed through the sequential flow of numbers as instruments of raising vibrational level in the body or , what is commonly called  “ascension”.

In this example the sequential flow or, simply “sequence” represent the date written in the following universal format: day/month/year

“18032014– the propulsion energies of the day are rising… jumping from primordial ONES straight to Divine level of light of the Loving Heart of Wholly Eight. Although, it is provided by harmony working through it and the jump is just another phase of ascension and that is what we have mastered already through the bumpy rides of the recent heavy-duty shifts and beautiful rides along the corridors of sheer light every time we arrive into the new clearing… Take it in stride! Choose LIFE and stay focused on your own evolution all around you will just simply follow by doing the same thing called “life” and pay respect to yourself and loved ones. They are the ones who are in the same boat with you… just keep your paddling in synch!”

Sunlight in Water

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