Atmospheric manifestation of divine lights of celestial bodies

August 13, 2016. 13082016. The Divine Love and Light are in atmosphere are so tangible in our days.. and so present… there is no denial. They are manifesting as very unique Light Events :):) as I have never seen before.. and have seen multitude as I watch them… During just the beginning of sunset, when sky was still baby-blue… White Silver Moon was out and reflecting SunLight onto our Eastern side of sky.. sure enough , I did not see the Moon first behind trees dense crown.. First I saw that stand-alone on Eastern side cloud-vortex!!!! – all lightened up with Golden Light .. I am like … how in the world??? then I made my beeline down to lower part of back yard and to left I saw the Moon out there blasting reflection of Sun light towards that cloud, sort of like ‘charging ‘ it up… The Moon itself had incredible silver oriole around it was blasting entire light in sky… here are the pics at our best in sequence:

Silver Moon on Sunset IMG_6607

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