HeliOSoul Harmonization meditation. New Year Eve of 2016.

 This is “transformational meditation” that is being transmitted continually, regardless on what date it was actually put out in the ether.  The HARMONIZATION of all your ENERGIES may be done at any time.  Such is the universal technology that HelioSoul Source offers. With that, I offered this recorded transmission which took place at the special event on the New Year Eve, and put out for anyone who wish to test-drive HARMONIZATION process. All you advised to do – is NOTHING. Just breath and sit comfortably with your eyes closed and spine straightened.
For easy guided meditation from E RA SunChild please, go to our HeliOSoul YouTube channel recording:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w-8uzcQ388
You may enter the meditation as many times as feel like doing it, as well as you may take it one part at a time. This is not a long meditation, but if you would feel going into slumber-just allow yourself to do it. your system will work on harmonization as you sleep seamlessly.
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HeliOSoul team.

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