Meet E RA SunChild-your guide @ Annual Metaphysical Holistic Festival

Annual Metaphysical Holistic Festival at the Institute of Spiritual Development-ISD, Sparta NJ

Meet personally E RA SunChild-your guide into the depth of your own Soul-n-Self in a rare opportunity to interact in very unique spontaneous guided group healing meditation session.

E RA SunChild, spiritual guide, counselor and licensed spiritual healer, Bishop of Sacred Gnosis invites you to experience spiritual transformation towards healing of your body, energy, spirit, conscious and unconscious mind, your livelihood and family sphere. Given, anything that the Divine might deem for you to heal at this time-I will facilitate for you at the time of meditation.

E RA SAYS: “I am connected and work on the guidance of Great Mother of All Souls in our World. I am connected and work with Healing Angels, I use healing methods, such as Transformational Spiritual Meditation (TranSMed®), prayers for your strengthening and protection and connecting you to Highest Archangels, like ARK-Angel Michael; I work with exclusively Divine spiritual Lights and Colors and with Holy Numbers as messengers and assistants of the Will of Grace”.

Please, find my short bio here:   E RA in purple

When: October 8, 2016, Time: 12 Noon, duration – 45 min.

Where: First Aid Building, Sparta Avenue, Sparta, NJ.

After the group’s meditation session stop by for private session between 10am-6 pm

Where to meet me for private conversation: ISD building, 15 Sparta Avenue, Sparta NJ, vending table for spiritual healing private sessions and amulets.

Free entrance. Bring friends and family! To everyone who you are connected to it may happen be important to come along for the mutual benefit of healing within family and social groups! One never knows- we see the transformations and change in life and well-being happening in unexpected ways.

Come for a surprising spontaneous experience and just for fun-filled, intense, and interact directly with myself, your guide into the depth of your own Soul-n-Self and coach-healer.

If you wish to make appointment with me for any spiritual healing reason on that day in Sparta, please  email me for making appointment for any other time or ask questions , or email to :

More links: www.expos.isdsparta.org


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