Moon Light mysterious dance, Moon as another source of life energies

Existential spirituality is very simple yet profound… The white-silver love promoter Moon has its own love story with Earth. It has its own role in co-creation of lifeforms here, on Earth. The quiet silver glow and white – gold fire of passion is a liquid fuel in the veins of the humanity. The spirituality of the physical body is the same as spirituality of soul, spirit and consciousness. Love is ONE common denominator for all parts of our human being’s system. Love is mysteriously and outwardly guided, induced and manifested by Moon one of our very distant “parent”. The full scope of influence of Moon on our Being is yet to be comprehended, but first ought to be discovered within ourselves…What to have happiness in personal life and love ? watch the moon every night, the Moon rise and Moon phases , glow, flow, waves and sparks may ignite new feelings and currents of happiness in your soul, spirit and body.


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