New concepts and methods of spiritual transformation

New concepts and methods of spiritual realization: resurrection, revival and reboot of spiritual transformation; all and every life matters; spirituality is a science, while science is spirituality in essence; updated universal streamlined spiritual methods are being dispensed.

Trees with Purple Sky



Spirituality is undergoing the revival. Spiritual revival is facing resistance-both internal of inertia of mind and ego, and inertia and collective body and mind of humanity.

I would say it is a process of restoration and resurrection of spirituality. It’s a come-back dictated by the obvious need in such energies as spirituality. The presence and need in spiritual energies and truths of that spirituality holds is enormous and immeasurable. The thirst for fresh pure energy of life and for miracles of transformation is an evolutionary need in our days. Such spiritual revival is manifesting by healing spontaneous events in every day human life through love unconditional and attainment of spirituality through streamlined, simple, but not simplistic and not primitive methods. Such, in many instances, unconscious search and thirst has to be quenched. The demand of the evolution of human being has been answered by the Divine by ushering new kind of guides and spiritual teachers who are capable of delivering short-cut powerful technologies of spiritual transformation on all levels of human system.

Planet Earth, the home for human life, has birthed enough scientists, researchers, technology makers, judges, martial energy, and crude business people. Earth and people on Earth need now more music, arts, poetry, untouched and restored nature, soulful warmth, and preachers’ n teachers of the value of each life and all life-forms on Earth. Every life-form on the planet has a Soul. Each soul is sacred and each life is sacred. Right now every process and everything that supports natural life and Laws of Divine Nature of God Creator has an utter importance and priority of existence. Moreover, every spiritual guide, worker or healer who is committed to promote and support process of transformation of human being is supported by the Divine and provided with benevolent powers, energy and needed time for all that shall be done.

New concepts in spiritual transformation come as realization which is currently triggers in many hearts of people who are looking for energies of art, love and grace to grow stronger. New concepts are being spread wider in our world at this time. These concepts are very unusual and yet not accepted by the mainstream spiritual healers and “new age” community of seekers. Although, new messages on the methods of “Spiritual Sciences” are resonating in many hearts, souls and minds now stronger and stronger. All new is forsaken and well-forgotten old. Ancient principles are brought back as revised and updated. For sure, all reviewed and updated spiritual methods of transformation are UNIVERSAL, NON-DOGMATIC AND explainable by current scientific body of knowledge. Let’s don’t mind the science ignoring spirituality and denying own “parent” the legitimacy of existence. It is more evident and obvious that modern science is a brainchild of Spiritual Science, which preceded all formulated religions by powerful leaders and minds through the course of known history of humanity. Spiritual science is a Gnostic knowledge that includes all knowledge of world on spirituality, arts, history, esoteric, science, philosophy, theology and theosophy.

The rise of arts of all kinds, as well as spiritual art shall be and is upon us. Spiritual transformation as the only true way of evolutionary movement of mind, body of matter, energy and consciousness driven by the motion of Spirit. That is why “spiritual transformation”, as such, is a reality for humanity. Spiritual transformation is a real process. For some it is altogether unseen and unverified process. For so many still, though, the transformation of entire nature of human being is evident, observable, intense and undeniable.

Stay tuned. To be continued.


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