Our Unconditional love is the next Love the Divine needs us to live by…

“We already have learned well from modern spirituality mavericks how to love ourselves. Now we have to just be aware of the fine line between healthy self-love and ego. We have been asked by the Divine that we move our hearts into love Unconditional, which the humanity started to experience from the time when Christ Love descended upon Earth. Our soul-n-self being equipped with the huge natural heart of love and exists  on the level of soul since that magical moment when the Creator gave birth to our souls out of sheer love. That is the point of creation by love and through love for the life in love.

There is enough love from the moment of our creation and it is infinitely abundant that there is no lack of it for any being or creature in this benevolent Universe. It is this love at the core of our being. It is this ability of self-love that Creator perpetually procreating to carry on the Self is inherited within every particle that we are. It is due to this love we come into physical in-carnation to love even more than our Self- we come to love someone else- “another” one or perhaps, many “others” collectively. “Love Thy Neighbor” wish as a dispensation of spiritual living principle might just turn a reality. The recovery of unconditional love equal to the Love Divine is not a utopia. It is a Universal Principle of Peace.

What a beautiful trick the wise Creator conspired through love to play peek-a-boo with our childish souls! It is the eternal game of teaching love to All Creation that Way… How genuinely simple is the Plan! Only wise and loving parent could devise in compassionate conspiracy an idea of creating a family where all members are in love with each other as siblings and children of the most generous and abundant parents. The idea of growing up as a Realized Soul among loved and loving beings is brilliant and it takes only audacity of the heart in the moment of remembrance of the love inherited in DNA- Divine Nature of Absolute to love someone more than our own selves.

Let us, humans, not to diminish greater love that is equal to the Love of Creator to ourselves, to human ego of the juvenile immature inner child which demands the right to love the self consummately in a greater need, thus refusing to recognize such not need to be demanded and declared. Let us nurture such inner child in oblivion of its origin. Let us empower one’s unconditional passion to uncork that plug which stops the flow of unconditional ego-less love through soul into the World of Creator-it is our World. Such self-love is in our DNA and present before we are born in our souls. Self-love simply preexisted and exists as a Creator.

The bliss of discovery that the heart and the soul of Beloved is not “separate” from Creator, just like our own heart and soul, and that our loved ones have been created by the Love of Divine just like ourselves in the moment of same eternal ecstasy rings a powerful bell of awakening of even greater, genuinely simpler, preordained existential eternal and therefore, unconditional love to “another” who is not “another” after all!

It is the Awakening of Great Mighty Souls from oblivion for the recognition of love unconditional to another being is the Plan of the Creator. The might and greatness of the Soul is in its Divine Intelligence as it “knows” as much as Creator does and the Might of Love is that atomic power of which we have yet to see. This atomic power is a balanced one. Love to self may not exceed the love to another. The balance of dynamic equilibrium of the flow of love must be kept to support the Abundant Flow of Love available to all living beings in the Unified Universe instantly at any given place. The energy of love travels unobstructed and far only if Unconditional. The quality of Unconditional love is such in sense of the purity and level of vibrancy, that nothing simply may restrict the joyful voyage of the spherical waves of love, no “conditions” exist in a state of “unconditional”. There is no boundaries, blockages, obstacles for such love flows freely and it is Free and goes where it pleases the heart.” CopyRight.2015. E RA SunChild, “The secrets of my heart”

Love is simple, love is just is, always there, as a field flower in spring.

Love is simple, love just is, always there, as a field flower in spring.

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