HeliOSoul™ Spiritual School of Sacred Gnosis


“The Light of the Source of Life and Wisdom on this planet is moving in deeper and deeper into our Soul Individual and Soul Collective… accept it and let it illuminate your Self from within the Soul..” ~ HeliOSoul Source

Gnosis– Gnosis is the common Greek noun for knowledge, mystery and generally signifies a spiritual knowledge in the sense of mystical enlightenment or “insight”. Gnosis is used throughout Greek philosophy as a technical term for experience knowledge in contrast to theoretical knowledge;

LEI-Light, Energy and Information;

Source – Non-physical form of: infinite knowledge- information; infinite creative potential-energy; infinite flow of creative dynamic potential of higher order (frequency of vibration)-light.

Trans-formation– the transitioning from one form and/or state and /or way of being to another form by employing spiritual LEI.

HeliOSoul™ Spiritual School is founded by and under the stewardship of E RA SunChild.  

E RA SunChild is a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach through the Universal Gnostic Fellowship Licensing Board. She is an ordained Bishop of the Sacred Gnosis after the Order of Melchizedek.

HeliOSoul™ School is a complete body of educational and transformational spiritual technologies. At present the core content is represented in a self-published ©2013 “The Science of Soul and Self. Fundamentals: Excavating the Soul and Self” by E RA SunChild, steward and bishop (spiritual teacher) of Sacred Gnosis. HeliOSoul™ can be easily facilitated, attained and transferred from one field/body to another field/body. That transfer of information may be registered in the physical, energetic, spiritual and mental areas of the recipient. HeliOSoul™ technology may be facilitated to others for their own personal growth, increased awareness and self-healing. HeliOSoul™ principles may be used for working with planetary energies to raise the vibratory rate of Mother Earth. The primary aim however, is for raising consciousness and awareness as to the true nature of human functioning at the Soul level in alignment and harmony with the Creator.

E RA is a naturally gifted spiritual guide, light worker, intuitive, clairvoyant and medium. E RA transmits spiritual technology in the form of Light, Energy and Information passed down to her from the HeliOSoul Source. HeliOSoul Source is the Divine and Universal Mother of Souls. The Source provides E RA with the content for the spiritual awakening of each individual soul and the collective soul of humanity. The purpose of the awakening is for the deeper awareness of light, love and authentic spiritual awareness of happiness and well-being of humanity.

We generously support philanthropic projects and may establish financing or scholarship funds to support those who wish to co-create with us. We offer regularly HeliOSoul Courses along with free events, retreats and on-line classes, some of which may lead to licensing and certification as HeliOSoul™ practitioners and facilitators.

HeliOSoul™ Certification Board and Licensing Board are under the educational component of HeliOSoul temple-HeliOSoul School.

For some, it may be important to make a distinction between secular and non-secular education. “Secular” has to do with worldly things; into which most traditional educational programs and traditional health care practices fall. “Non-secular” has to do with what is commonly called “spiritual” aspects, or those attributes associated with Soul, Spirit, and Divine context, God or Creator. Most temples are considered non-secular. In forming her program, E RA, the founder of HeliOSoul temple, was very aware she could have temple membership alone and could have avoided all Certification aspects for those Facilitators who wish to carry her work into the larger outreach centers in service to all of humanity. However, her guidance suggested the importance of anchoring her work on the planet using approved mainstream agencies in such a way that her Facilitators would be afforded the most protection possible with the highest credentials outside traditional academia.

In developing her School of Spiritual Transformation, E RA SunChild also recognized that as one aligns self with Soul and Self and with Creator God that there may be subsequent transformations that occur in physical, mental, conscious and emotional areas of one’s life. In contrast, many secular medical practices take the viewpoint that in order for the body to heal, intervention is required by a qualified (usually licensed) medical professional. To bridge these alternative approaches, E RA set up HeliOSoul Certification Board, under the auspices of the American Commission on Accreditation, to ensure her Facilitators would be appropriately certified so as to avoid any future probability of being accused of practicing medicine or psychology without a license.

Upon completion of educational requirements, HeliOSoul™ Certification Board will grant Certification as a “HeliOSoul Facilitator.”

HeliOSoul License Board will grant a license of HeliOSoul Facilitator for those who will desire such and excel at all disciplines and practices under the guidance of HeliOSoul Source and facilitators.

All those who after completing all requires a Spiritual Health Coach for those completing licensing requirements and all certification requirements. A License Board has an administrative function while a Certification Board provides education that meets specific standards as set by the Accreditation Board that has approved the program. The HeliOSoul Licensing Board is under the auspices of the Universal Gnostic Fellowship. The Fellowship is accredited by the Federation of Spiritual Healers Licensing Board.

HeliOSoul Licensing Board is recognized by all states in the USA and all provinces in Canada. We offer events, retreats and on-line classes, some of which are on donation basis only. Many of our classes and events may lead to certification as HeliOSoul™ practitioners and facilitators and furthermore, to Licensing as Spiritual Health Coaches. Such license is essential for spiritual practices. Our adepts and members are provided with continuous education based on accredited program and that in its turn allows spiritual practice to flourish perpetually within the continuously supported flow of awareness of the Soul and Self.

Those in countries other than the USA and Canada, may, upon completion of licensing and certification requirements be ordained as Ministers or Bishops by the Founder of HeliOSoul temple, E RA SunChild.

Those wishing to become ordained as Ministers or Bishops of Sacred Gnosis through the lineage of the temple must complete all requirements and keep licensing and certification current annually. At her discretion, E RA Sunchild, Founder of HeliOSoul™ will determine additional skills, and education necessary for ordination as a Minister or Bishop.

Every one ordained to the clergy will be in the lineage of Sacred Gnosis after the Order of Melchizedek and consecrated to the succession within the lineage that E RA SunChild holds as consecrated Bishop herself.