Detailed description of the pathway to obtaining Spiritual Health Coach License and/or License of HeliOSoul™ Facilitator of Spiritual Transformation on the platform of HeliOSoul™ School.

Those who find instrumental for one’s own spiritual professional practices to be fully licensed by accredited licensing body are offered 2 Licenses, described below.

  1. License of HelioSoul™ Facilitator of Spiritual Transformation
  2. Spiritual Health Coach License issued by FSHLB (Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Board)

For those who are seeking the teaching/coaching position on the platform of HeliOSoul™ School this License is a must along with HeliOSoul™ License and Ordination into HeliOSoul™ Ministry.

Program curriculum and amount of investment for obtaining Spiritual Health Coach License and/or License of HeliOSoul™ Facilitator of Spiritual Transformation

  1. HeliOSoul Level 1: Fundamentals: Excavation of Soul and Self. 36H/24 CEU:  $525.00
  2. HeliOSoul Level 2: Fundamentals: Deeper Access to Soul and Self. 36H/24CEU:  $525.00
  3. Internship – 80 hours. Includes self-study, self-practicing technology, journal and guidance/support of teaching facilitator: $325.00
  4. Professional Coaching Course. Completion of the following course ensures appropriate language is used by Spiritual Health Coach, that guides the client or receiver to make self-informed and self-empowering decisions in regards to own well-being, and that all legalities of practicing spirituality in the secular world are observed. Such training adds professional quality to the practice and protects equally both sides-petitioner and practitioner. Course is taught by E RA SunChild herself, approved Spiritual Coach Instructor on behalf of A4C-Academy for Coaching. Course is taken via teleconferencing, duration is 6 weeks, 1 conference per week + home assignments: $275.00

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Total amount of exchange to HeliOSoul™:  $1,650.00

  1. “Correspondent Course” is taken via email with the coach of Academy for Coaching Terry Robinett: $195.00
  1. Fee for receiving new License in digital format from UGF License Board: $65.00

Total payment to Academy for Coaching: $260.00

The License of HeliOSoul™ Facilitator requires obtaining Spiritual Health Coach License.

The License of Spiritual Health Coach does not imply you have to be licensed as HeliOSoul™ Facilitator.

Your total investment in one of the above or both licenses at the same time: $1,910.00


Below items 7 and 8 are only to be completed for those who desire to be a part of the HeliOSoul™ Gnostic Spiritual Temple, community and to be Ordained to the Sacred Clergy as Minister of Sacred Gnosis after The Order of Melchizedek and be Consecrated to the Sacred Apostolic Succession within the Universal Gnostic Fellowship.

Keep in mind, below is also a part of requirement to obtain License of HeliOSoul™ Facilitator of Spiritual Transformation. HeliOSoul™ Facilitator License is purely of a spiritual nature and energy of HeliOSoul™ Source. HeliOSoul™ Source receives the LEI- Light, Energy and Information from the Divine, meaning-Spiritual!

  1. For those who wish to be ordained into the lineage of Apostolic Succession of Gnostic Ministry after the Order of Melchizedek through the HelioSoul Temple’s membership is required. Membership is a one-time fee in amount of $300.00
  1. To be ceremoniously and liturgically ordained to the Sacred Clergy as a Minister of Sacred Gnosis after the Order of Melchizedek and consecrated to the Sacred Apostolic Succession within the Universal Gnostic Fellowship in the lineage of Bishop E RA SunChild and Archbishop John Gilbert the completion of Apprenticeship with Bishop E RA SunChildis required. One-time payment to HeliOSoul™ Church is accepted for Apprenticeship in amount of  $350.00

Total to HeliOSoul™ Ministry:  $650.00
(Membership $300 and Apprenticeship $350)


Payment plan to HeliOSoul™ is available. Please inquire.

We also take C/C and PayPal. Transactional fees is your responsibility.

We do not offer any discounts, although, please, note that all payments to HeliOSoul™ are 100% tax-deductible and categorized “donations” paid to registered 508(c)(1)(a) Private Membership Faith Based Organization. You will receive tax-deductible receipt with EIN # of HeliOSoul™ for your records.

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Dates and location for 6 days “HeliOSoul™ Intensives” course including “Fundamentals: Level 1 and Level 2”,  partial hours of “Internship” for the purpose of obtaining Spiritual Health Coach License through our curriculum will be announced shortly. Stay tuned and inquire via contact form or email.