The gravity and glory of Super Moon of November 14, 2016

I am in awe and amazement of the power of the natural sources f our life. Our all-time life companions and distant parents,Sun and Moon, participate in every process of our existence. I had another chance to experience myself during past full Super Moon event on November 14, 2016. It happened so that on that night I was completing next cycle of my own transformation through intense Sadhana. The Moon was following me with energy and light refusing to remain in obscurity pinned to the dome of the dark clear sky. My state was very conducive to receive  all energies and possibilities provided by the Celestial Source of Light shaping up my readiness to embrace and absorb that gift. Constellation of Orion was on the Eastern side of the sky standing on guard above the meditation grounds by gleaming with all the 3 stars of Orion Belt. The silent presence of the Guides in the skies, the expansion of the energies of Moon approaching Earth on a very rare occasion of close proximity, and my own prana set in motion by pranayama were melding light, energy and information for transition to another dimension of existence.

Next morning the Moon approached the Earth and earthlings in the full glory  providing the gravity forces for bringing all innate processes to the optimum state on “fullness”.

The meditation thus was completed. The feeling of  new state of being in my body and soft expansion from within pervaded the currents of my energy. This outcome was orchestrated by the Divine and I was brought to it by embracing the offer from the Higher Guidance. The synchronicity in the celestial, earthly

and humane experience served the transformation of my Soul-and Self, my very  life and again have been proven to be Divine.

Super Moon 11.2016

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